Develop a hypothetical example in which this disorder is inherited between generations.

Learning Goal: I’m working on a biology project and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Genetic disorders in many cases can be inherited from generation to generation.Develop a hypothetical example in which this disorder is inherited between generations.
Using this scenario, develop a Punnett square or pedigree to demonstrate the inheritance of this disorder through the generations.
If this genetic disorder is not inherited between generations, describe how this disorder was discovered and why it is not inherited through the generations.
Now that you have compiled your research, develop a slide presentation to use to report the information you have learned about your genetic disorder.Your presentation should include the following:5–8 slides highlighting the information learned throughout the project,
Each slide should have one image with information in a bulleted format–do not write paragraphs of content on your slides.
Slide 1 should include the group members’ names, the genetic disorder researched, and the link to the recorded presentation (to be added after the presentation).
A citation slide at the end with all resources cited using APA (7th ed.) format.
Requirements: 8 slides

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