What did you already know about computer networking & Online Safety?

Reflecting on the guest lecture presentations on computer networking & Online Safety, IP address, binary numbering, and more reflect on what you learned from the presentation, what you already knew, and what you still have questions about.
(20 pts)
What did you learn from the presentations? (20 pts) – If you could not attend the presentation skip this question.
What do you still have questions about regarding computer networking? (30 pts)
To complete this assignment and be eligible to receive full credit you must complete the following:
Request access to this Google Slides deck – if needed. (Completed if you are seeing this.)
Create 3 new slides. Title your slides to include your name and 1 of the points above. All 3 slides should be next to each other in the presentation.
On each slide answer the questions above in a presentation format. (Remember to review the handouts for proper presentation design).
The total number of points possible for this assignment is 70 points.

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