“What would you call a beautiful woman?”

1. Read the de Klerk article and conduct your own survey. After reading de Klerk’s article, work with your group (or individually if not in a group) and plan and distribute your own (but similar) survey. Your goal is to distinguish at least gender differences in the usage of these terms. Elicit the terms from your respondents (you should not give them choices as that is restrictive). Phrase your question to elicit as many answers as possible, but don’t tell them what type of answers you are looking for. You want their natural language. A possible survey question would be “What would you call a beautiful woman?” Do this for at least 4 phrases. After eliciting terms from at least 20 subjects, you may then ask about other variables, such as age, class, culture, etc. Decide how far you want to go with your target population. Electronic distribution (via Facebook, text, or other platforms, for example) is probably easiest, but you can also distribute them to your classes or the public. If you use another class, you must receive permission from your instructor. Think this through before beginning.
2. Read and annotate your articles thoroughly. Again, read de Klerk asap.
3. Analyze the survey results. In your groups (or individually if not in a group) , you will analyze the survey data. Look to the original survey found in the de Klerk article for guidance. What are your findings? What conclusions can you make? You are primarily looking at the current slang terms and their current usage by gender and age. Earlier claims were that women did not use slang, but de Klerk found that not to be true. What did your group find? Presenters will submit the group’s findings to the de Klerk assignment link You may include chart(s), but keep the writing itself to no more than half a page.

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