What is the “hidden curriculum” he described?

No plagiarism!!! Type Times New Roman. 12 font, APA Format
Book read Chapters 7&8
Social Theory – A Reader – 3rd edition– Roberta Garner and Black Hawk Hancock –
ISBN: ISBN-13: 978-1442606487, ISBN-10: 1442606487
IMPORTANT – Please make sure to cite and reference the information you include from that material. In-text citations must include author, year of publication, and page number. APA recommends but does not require including page numbers in summarized or paraphrased information taken from sources. But in this course, we will follow the APA recommendation and include page numbers in ALL citations.
NOTE: The information you present must be from the original author readings, not the support information provided by Garner and Hancock. The support material is provided to help you to understand the readings but do not supplant the readings. The readings are always indicated with a number. Here is an example:
Reading 2.1.3: “Estranged Labour” from The Economic and Philosophic Manuscriipts (written 1844, published 1932)
Anton conducted research on the relationship between different kinds of education provided in different kinds of schools he examined.
A What is the “hidden curriculum” he described?
B Describe the major findings for each of the kinds of schools that he examined. Be very specific.
C Relate his findings to the argument put forward by Althusser in his discussion of the school component of the Ideological State Apparatus. Again, be very specific in drawing the connections.
D Conclude with your thoughts based on your own experience as a student in American schools as to the accuracy of the view of schools put forward by Anton and Althusser.

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