What do you hope it might show about the artwork?

For this draft, please build on your earlier formal analysis, with some of the edits and suggestions we’ve talked about in class, and then start to add in the contextual information (historical and cultural background to your object) that would help enrich your interpretations of what you noticed in your visual/formal analysis.
At this point you don’t have to have all the research DONE, but you should have an idea of the kinds of information you’d like to look up, learn more about, etc. Treat that part of this draft assignment like a brainstorm, please, and we can go over what you’ve written more as you develop the draft into a bigger paper this semester. For this week, I will be grading based on:
1. Changes to your formal analysis: how you improved your descriiption of observations, used more specific details, vocabulary, or corrected spelling and grammar.
2. Changes to the interpretation of your formal analysis: how well you demonstrate the significance and possible interpretation of what you’ve observed
3.Contextual analysis: how much thought you put into considering your future research. What do you want to learn more about? What do you hope it might show about the artwork? How reasonable are you research questions (will you be able to find the answers?)

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