Prepare an overall summary of how you think John Oliver uses rhetoric to convey his points

Your main goal with this assignment is to find instances of all rhetorical tools being used in the clip and explain how you see them functioning. This means: look at how jokes create emotion for the viewer, how particular language choice (swear words and otherwise) influences opinion, and so on.
Here is the video:

For this assignment, you should prepare to reference it, the Cucinella article, and the Last Week Tonight video (linked below) in your paper.
Watch the Last Week Tonight clip that is embedded in our Canvas shell
Take notes on all the rhetorical appeals that you see as you’re watching (HINT: By this I mean the common rhetorical appeals that are covered in 1310–namely ethos, pathos, logos, and if you reviewed it, kairos)
Prepare an overall summary of how you think John Oliver uses rhetoric to convey his points (remember: this is not about if you agree with his ideas or not, it’s about just seeing how comics utilize rhetoric).
You must reference 1) the NY Times article, 2) the Cucinella article, and 3) the Last Week Tonight episode and you must cite them appropriately using MLA style. Your work, regardless of format, should include a Works Cited Page.

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