Modern Japan History

This paper is for my Modern Japan History class. See below for instructions from professor.
For the most part, you will be using secondary material derived from one or two sources: library books and the Internet. When you use this material, you have to provide footnotes and references. Any source that you use must be put into a Works Cited page or Bibliography. Despite the great amount of material on the Internet, I want you to use both written and electronic sources. Please do MLA citations in the footnotes.
I do not like the use of contractions: that is, “isn’t, don’t, can’t, it’s” etc. I will label their use as slang and bring down the grade for your paper.
The paper should be written around (time-wise) the Kamakura period, the Hojo Regency and the beginning of the Ashkikaga period.
The paper should be double-spaced.

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