look at the diverse diagnostic application of biotechnological enzymes.

Enzyme metabolism is a fundamental biological process that is vital for the survival of all species. Enzymes play critical role in the metabolic activities of all living organisms whether humans, animals, plants or microorganisms, and are widely applied in medicine in the diagnosis processes of diseases. Abnormal enzyme levels indicate a variety of diseases. Many diseases associate with many components of the enzyme metabolism systems and so enzyme levels are now widely applied in clinical examinations as special markers for diseases. An interesting discovery suggests new roles of enzymes as potential links that associate to prevent metabolic disorder. In this discussion we would like to look at the diverse diagnostic application of biotechnological enzymes.
Begin by choosing a website of interest to you, one that you think your classmates would appreciate. For example, the website of the US National Library of Medicine talks about liver abnormalities in cardiac diseases and heart failure.
Continue to add to your report, the required unique elements to your article review.
Follow the instructions on the Article Review Page and remember to include a link to your chosen website!
Required Format-
The Article Review should have the following:
Article Link
What was studied
Glossary of terms
For each discussion you are required to post an original entry and responses to at least three of your classmates’ entries. You will be graded on both the quantity and quality of your entries. Highest scores will be given to those of you who write substantive and informative entries with links to reputable scientific sources.

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