Identify the authors. What do you know about them?

In this Journal Article Review using this outline with headings you will:
Identify the authors. What do you know about them? What do you think is the agenda of the article source (authors, publication itself, organization)? Objective or biased? DId they start with the research question seeking truth no matter what—or—with the answer and then tried to “prove” their answer? Or do they have some agenda they are driving? Who funded the research?
State the research question or central thesis of the article;
Explain the methods used to support the claims of the article
State whether the methods are quantitative or qualitative and give a brief explanation of the methodological approach.Reflect back to your old research methods courses for insights.
State what data were collected and how those were collected.
Critical: In your opinion does the methodology credibly support the findings? I.e., are the methods appropriate to the research question?
Explain and evaluate the conclusions drawn from the study
Assess whether the conclusions drawn by the article’s authors seem sound based on the data they present. See PLUS note and ask below.
Identify any weaknesses or oversights of the article.
Your Journal Article Review Assignment should be presented in current APA format. It should be at least four pages of content in length, not including your cover page. You do not need to include a works cited page as the only item you are expected to cite is the article you are reviewing. Instead, begin your first content page with the citation of the source you are reviewing, presented in current APA format.
Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.
So, given the questions in the Assignment above do you trust the findings and recommendations in the article?
Rubric Scoring Criteria
Identification of Premise and Supporting Points: Includes accurate identification of article premise, significant points in support of the premise, and the significance of these to the course and/or field.
Synthesis: The review contains an accurate, detailed, and well thought out comparison of the salient points of the article.
Critical evaluation of premise and supporting points: Includes critical thinking that clearly states the student’s informed and substantiated opinion, thorough evaluation of the article’s premise, and supporting points, including with respect to a biblical worldview.

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