identify a part of the critical appraisal process that you found challenging and explain what you learned from completing this part of the review.

This assignment is similar (or based on) the major assignment: Order # 361240694/SO PLEASE REVIEW THE PREVIOUS ASSIGNMENT.
I’ll be upload more course materials shortly. Please make sure to follow the instruction and reference the requested sources.
Same as before, it has 2 parts,
First part need to be completed by Thursday, Feb 10th, and the second part by Sat, Feb 12th.
“Individual Learning Activity: This activity is designed to help focus your attention on a carefully chosen quantitative article and to support a process that leads you to development of Assignment 2, where you will analyze, synthesize and evaluate the evidence you have found in Assignment 1.
Task 1: Critically review the article titled “Additional Saturday rehabilitation improves functional independence and quality of life and reduces length of stay: a randomized controlled trial”. You are responsible for individually critiquing the article using the modified RoB form (NCBI) or the RCT form found on the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI) website.  Your critiques will not be formally marked, but will contribute to your participation mark.
Please post your completed review by Thursday by midnight EST.
Note: A critical appraisal of a quantitative study will be a key part of Assignment 2 using either a RCT or a systematic review if possible.
On Friday morning by 9 am, we will post the completed quantitative review form for this study (using both tools).
Task 2. Please compare your critique to the completed one we have posted. Prepare a 250-300 word commentary to one of these two questions:
a) identify one area in the critical appraisal where your responses differed from the one we posted and discuss why you think that may be and what you have learned about this difference, OR
b) identify a part of the critical appraisal process that you found challenging and explain what you learned from completing this part of the review.
Please post this reflection no later than 10 pm EST Sunday, February 13th.
How will this week be evaluated? You’ll receive 1% for your timely posting of your appraisal, and 1% for your timely reflective comments.”

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