Find and read 5 separate articles on the appropriate topics for each section

Find and read 5 separate articles on the appropriate topics for each section.Articles may come from newspapers, magazines (National Geographic, Scientific American, Time, etc.), websites such as the news aggregators I’ve listed above, or other sources. Do NOT use Wikipedia as a source for academic assignments. Because it can be modified by anyone at any time, Wikipedia is not a reliable source of information.
The bibliographies should be formatted using APA, MLA, or Chicago style. Make sure to have the bibliographic reference (article name, author, and other publication information) directly above each summary.
A short (one-two paragraph, 8-10 sentence, roughly 100-125 word) summary of each article should follow the reference. You should NOT use direct quotes. If you can’t summarize the article in your own words, you probably don’t understand it. Bibs without the publication information will receive NO points. Bibs on inappropriate topics will receive no points.
Do not write all 5 summaries, and then put all 5 references together on a separate page. It should be organized this way: reference 1, summary 1, reference 2, summary 2, etc..
Here are some links to news aggregators that have suitable articles. When you cite your sources, make sure you’re citing the article you’ve actually read. Many of these sites give the reference for the original source *they* used in reporting the news. If you actually read the journal article, great… go ahead and cite it. If, however, you read one of the brief overviews on one of the news aggregator sites, you need to cite it as such. Note that many of the news aggregators have lots of ads… don’t get caught by them and use an ad as an article. Make sure you’re getting actual scientific content. Note that this site has a “cite this page” feature that formats your bibliographic references for you… the others require you to do it yourself. Just be careful that you cite the ScienceDaily overview and don’t grab the journal reference for the original article.

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