Explain how to set the idle RPM (revolutions per minute) and idle mixture.

You have installed an overhauled carburetor on an aircraft’s engine. Explain how to set the idle RPM (revolutions per minute) and idle mixture. Identify the process, materials, and safety precautions necessary to accomplish this task.
Use the module readings as a starting point. Explore the Hunt Library and the Internet for additional sources. The research paper must be a minimum of two pages (not to exceed three pages). This does not include the title or reference page. Your paper must adhere to the following guidelines:
Title page, body (minimum two pages, not to exceed three pages), and reference page.
Use current APA format and style.
Include double spacing, 1-inch margins, and size 12 point font.
Include in-text citations and list a minimum of three sources on the reference page.
Use proper grammar and sentence structure.

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