Do you agree with your group member’s assessment of the confounding variables in the study? Why or why not?

Reply to a group member’s paragraph with the following information:
Discuss one aspects of your peer’s paragraph that could be improved. This could include something about their summary that is inaccurate, grammatical errors or mistakes, or ways that they could improve their writing. Be very specific here. Don’t be shy or worried about offending your peers—remember, all writing can be improved and everybody needs feedback. Even if it is very good, there is always something that could be changed.
Do you agree with your group member’s assessment of the confounding variables in the study? Why or why not?
Post to review
The experiment that was designed to show the impacted on how social media can affect women psychologically. It had three levels of independent variables that give enough information to have results to show this hypothesis. One group only were exposed to fitness while group two were exposed by both, and group three was exposed to travel. Having three level helped better understand the difference and exposed the results of how the women felt before and after the experiment, showed the result necessary to support the hypothesis. Using the survey method helped better understand the women before they started the experiment and after the experiment. This method shows the impacted it has on the women when they are exposed to fitness or travel posts. After the experiment the results showed how the women felt after the experiment. The first group that watch only fitness post had a decrease in body satisfaction and an increase on negative mood as did group two that were exposed to both fitness and travel post. But group three showed a different result. Group three that was only exposed to travel post their body satisfaction increased and negative mood decreased. This shows the impacted that fitspiration has on women and how it can affect them in a negative way instead of inspiring and empowering women.
I believe there was no confound in this study because all of them were women and they were all in college, so they were most likely around the same age which won’t influence the results.

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