discuss previous related research and findings pertaining to your topic.

For Task 3, you will discuss previous related research and findings pertaining to your topic. In your discussion, ensure to compare and contrast different points of view. In addition, discuss other related studies that have employed the same research design or other research designs. Your Task 3 deliverable is a four-page APA formatted paper.
Historical Development of the Theory and Future Research. Summarize current literature support to describe the (a) historical development of the theory; (b) directions for further contribution of the theory; and (c) bases for the principles to be explained.
In Task 4, you will provide a literature-based descriiption of the concepts (and applicable theories) from the theoretical framework.
Use APA Level 3 headings to provide a coherent outline of the elements of the literature review. The content of the review must be drawn from scholarly sources or include justification for using other sources. The minimum length of a literature review is 10 pages to include at least 25+ scholarly sources, with 75% being published within the last six years. The literature review is intended to be exhaustive and may require more than the minimum number of pages to achieve this goal.
Task 5 Overview
For Task 5, you will summarize what you have developed so far, your literature support, in a one-page APA formatted document.

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