Describe the fault types along the subduction zones.

Unit 5 Discussion: Exploring the Ocean Floor
Part A:
In “Layered Earth”(see attached files) Unit B: Unit Activity: Exploring the Ocean Floor, complete all simulations, then create a document with all questions answered pertaining to this activity. Provide the following basic information at the beginning of your discussion post.
Describe the area and the location of your research site.
Describe the fault types along the subduction zones.
Complete all of the simulations, answer all questions.
Provide a thorough discussion of all the different types of faults.
Part B:
Select two additional areas where two plates are moving (one subducting under another) describe the types of faults and their locations.
Additional information can be found at:
Unit 6 Discussion: Geological Structures (6 PP slides)
Select several geological structures (minimum of 6, no maximum), provide a picture of each selected structure and then provide information on the geological processes that caused each structure, and the general locations of such structures. You may create a PowerPoint slide show.

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