create a Time series chart, or graph of progress towards that type of goal.

In this assignment, you’ll create a Time series chart, or graph of progress towards that type of goal.
Determine your planned improvement steps, and how you will measure progress. Create a worksheet to collect data daily, or weekly, at a minimum. This can be best completed using Microsoft Excel.
Collect data, ideally with a few first showing where you were at baseline, before a concerted change effort began, and continuing over a 1-2 month time interval.
Create a line chart/graph using Excel. First determine the scale for the vertical, Y-axis, set slightly above your target. Label the Y-axis with unit of measure.
Next, identify the horizontal X-axis marks the measure of time (minute, hour, day, week, month,). Label the X-axis appropriately.
Note: Line charts, also known as run charts, show data which is distributed evenly along the horizontal axis, as well as the vertical axis. This type of graph can show trends and/or patterns across equal intervals of time such as days, weeks, months, or years.
Title the graph. The title should make clear what is presented and during what period of time.
Add a median line to the final product. You may use SPSS, but if calculating manually-
calculate the median using the following steps: 1. Take all data points and order them in numerical order. Make sure to include any repeated numbers. 2. Count the number of data points. 3. Calculate the median. a. If the number of data points is an odd number, take the middle number as the median. b. If the number of data points is an even number, take the two middle values, add them together and divide them by two to get the average.
Add annotations for key events during this time. You may use a text box posted next to a data point with a brief explanation of what change was introduced or key event occurred that may have affected the result.
Answer the following analysis questions, based on your completed chart: Is there a trend? Is there a shift? Is there an improvement? Explain your answer, including dates observed.
Keep in mind the following tips:
You need a minimum of 10 data points before you can apply run chart rules. 5 consecutive points up or down in one direction indicate a trend. This may show improvement or decline in performance, depending on the indicator.
After calculating the median, if there are 6 or more consecutive points above or below the median you have a shift.

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