Clean Edge Razor: Splitting Hairs in Product Positioning.

There are five questions in total. (20 points each).
The exam below references the following case: Clean Edge Razor: Splitting Hairs in Product Positioning. The case may be found in your HBR coursepack online. (Links to an external site.)
The exam is due by Sunday, by 11:59 PM. PLEASE NOTE: Late submissions, however, will not accepted. No exceptions. Exams must be submitted by 11:59pm via Canvas using the link provided. Only submissions made using the link will be accepted. PLEASE NOTE: After the due date and time (11:59pm) pass the submission link will no longer appear and will not be accepted. Please plan accordingly.
Where appropriate, give examples and be specific in your answers. Each point mentioned should be justified/supported with examples and/or outside sources (assume that the reader does not understand the concepts and theories and you have to explain them to him/her). Your answers should logical, in-depth, substantive and in your own words. The exam should not be viewed as an exercise in copy and paste. While the material covered in the course should be integrated into your answers, you must include additional sources beyond the textbook and the case. For example, there are chapters in the textbook that correspond to topics in the case as well as additional information that can be researched. Be sure to cite any sources used.
Please Follow the APA style when writing your analysis. Reference list should be attached at the end of the document. Label each question with its number in addition to each section (i.e. a., b. etc). Please check your spelling and grammar as points will be deducted for mistakes of this nature. Please don’t forget to type your name on the top of your answer sheet and include your name in your file name (e.g, Adam Smith_MBA 646 final.doc)

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