Answer the question below, based on the reading!!

– Read pp 620 – 636 of Chapter 30.
– Read cases Re Keytronics (p 636) and Enea v The Superior Court of Monterey County (p 640).
Answer the question below, based on the reading!!
Sheila owned an old roadside building that she believed could be easily converted into an antique shop. She talked to her friend Barbara, an antique fancier, and they executed the following written agreement:
a. Sheila would supply the building, all utilities, and $100,000 capital for purchasing antiques.
b. Barbara would supply $30,000 for purchasing anti- ques, Sheila would repay her when the business terminated.
c. Barbara would manage the shop, make all purchases, and receive a salary of $500 per week plus 5 percent of the gross receipts.
d. Fifty percent of the net profits would go into the pur- chase of new stock. The balance of the net profits would go to Sheila.
e. The business would operate under the name “Roadside Antiques.”
Business went poorly, and after one year, a debt of
$40,000 is owed to Old Fashioned, Inc., the principal supplier of antiques purchased by Barbara in the name of Roadside Antiques. Old Fashioned sues Roadside Antiques, and Sheila and Barbara as partners. Decision?

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