Why for health reasons you need to increase or decrease the nutrient.

Use the Nutrients/daily diary report you created above to analyze your diet for all six of the following: carbohydrates, protein, fat, sodium, fiber, and water.
Evaluate your results based on the Target established for your profile compared to your Average Eaten. Do not rely on the color ranges to determine if you are under or over.
Write a two to three page paper on: What nutrients you need to increase and/or decrease. Why for health reasons you need to increase or decrease the nutrient. Then tell me what specific methods (foods, total kcals) you will use to make the increase and/or decrease changes. You must address all nutrients in all three areas, even if it says you are within your range
Make a word document and upload it in the Change Paper assignment area
100 points for the Change Paper:
30 points for changes
30 points for reasons
30 points for methods
10 points for spelling/grammar/length requirements
Style and Scope.
APA or MLA style
Length 2-3 pages, single or double spaced.
Font not larger than 12.

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