identify traits of each cue, which one you are most influenced.

Visual Cues discussed in the textbook are color, form, depth and movement. Using the image you submitted as “memorable” in the first discussion, analyze if for visual cues that make it so. In your analysis, identify traits of each cue, which one you are most influenced. When finished, write a new one-sentence descriiption of the photograph using language cited in the course materials. What to upload, in this order: The picture or visual. (Yes, the same one again so that we can see it adjacent to your work. Be sure it is under 2000 pixels wide). Your new one sentence descriiption of it. Format this sentence to be bold. A single dash (-) to visually distance the descriiption above from the analysis below. A summary of your analysis of visual cues. It should explain why you are affected by one or more specific cues. Format this text to be italic, and keep it under 150 words. I have put the image down below This photo was a picture of a milk strike from Virginian milk farmers taken on January 10, 1934 PAST Grading Comments of Memorable Images discussion Here are the comments I made after last semester’s discussion on Memorable Images. Read this before you write yours. — The discussion posts for “Memorable Images” has been graded. I went easy on them, as there wasn’t much criteria offered. If you expressed a reasoned opinion for your comment, you got full credit. On the other hand, if you went off topic and use the image to blather about something else, you still got full credit, but you won’t next time. Always always alway address the question asked, as well as sticking to the image in front of you. A quick hint, too: Use words that are emphasized in the chapter readings and slides. In this forum, the better entries referenced sensing, selecting and perceiving. They’re the dominant theme, so using them was a good way to demonstrate what you learned. Here’s an excellent example: “The MAGA hat. I found that this bright red hat is much more than what meets the eye. It is an effective and memorable political image because it integrates the three ways our brain processes visual images that reinforce repetition and emotional associations. As I thought about this image, I started to think that perhaps the way people process the information associated with it works in a cycle. Starting as a mediated message, it becomes mediated even further in the news, ads, commercials, and tv shows. When seen directly in real life, the viewer associates what they are looking at with what they have seen prior through different media channels. A mental image is then created after processing the new information that later influences how they interpret the future media messages they are exposed to concerning the campaign, and the cycle continues. This cycle that integrates the three ways our brain processes information, and the bright red color itself, is why this hat has become so memorable and effective. It creates a constant repetition that continually becomes associated with new thoughts and feelings (or reconfirms previous thoughts and feelings) about the same idea.” Another hint: watch repetition. Though it’s an SEO strategy and the style of Buzzfeed to use the same words multiple times, it’s still bad writing. In one single paragraph I just read, the words “this image” appeared six times. Once would have been enough.

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