how you feel your process would be best understood/used by someone else out in the world

Please write the paper as an international student.
Our restriction is that you must describe your process in a way such that someone in 1976 (45 years in the past) could understand it. You’ll likely need to do some research—I would strongly urge you against trying to explain technology!
These directives are here for you to start from, but you don’t have to pick from this list!
I’d urge you to try to think of something beyond yourself that could be replicated—focus outwardly, considering that your solution may be read and replicated by a group of people different from you! You could…
Plant a garden
Weatherproof a home
Change a street name
Run for office in local/school government
Investigation I Final
No unread replies. No replies.
Our first investigation is due to wrap up! Here’s what you need to know in order to complete it:
however you solved our brief’s problem, you’ll need to capture it in some way so that it can be viewed clearly by your classmates, and posted to our Investigation I Final board by the deadline.
In addition to the depiction of what you did by whatever means you find most appropriate, please also be sure to include a short (approx. 250 word) statement about why you made the choices you did with your design and any of the stories or readings that influenced it.
In that statement, be sure to include:
1. which restriction you had to work through you considered that restriction with your project you feel your process would be best understood/used by someone else out in the world

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