Have Postman’s predictions have come true or not?

It will be in MLA format with at least 6 appropriate resources.
This paper and all of its parts must be complete on time for any student to pass English 1A as per the requirements listed on the syllabus. There are no revisions allowed.Your paper must contain all of the elements of a well-written academic paper with regard to mechanics, grammar, format and content.Your paper must go beyond a “what I know about” paper and consist primarily of an argumentation paper.
Neil Postman asks the following questions in Amusing Ourselves To DEATH,
What is information? Or, more precisely what are information? […] What is the relation between information and reason? What is the kind of information that best facilitates thinking? Is there a moral bias to each information form? […] How do different forms dictate the type of content that is expressed?” (160).
Write the epilogue for Postman’s text. It has been 26 years since he wrote his book. Expand upon his central claim of a flawed television based epistemology. Using one or two examples from the current media, analyze the current state of modern American media. Have Postman’s predictions have come true or not?
Present a theory of your own based on your observations. (using the guiding questions above.)
Analysis of at least two of Postman’s themes from the text,Current topical examples from the modern media,Current theory of the epistemology of modern media.
If you write a paper that is mostly descriiptive (what, where, when), or fail to cite current examples,  you will not pass.
This paper must
Examine and analyze the modern media (newspapers, television and internet),Use the theories of Neil Postman as its epistemological baseline,And identify possible future issues with modern media insomuch as to provide a clear epistemology for the future American media.

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