explain what is considered wearable technology.

Our group thought it would be very interesting to do our project on wearable technology such as AirPods and Apple Watches. This kind of technology is quickly advancing and becoming closer and closer to being like actual smart phones and mobile devices. Wearable techonology has become extremely popular in modern times. Almost everyone who has an iPhone has either AirPods or an Apple Watch to go with it. We plan to make our project a documentary style video.
Our Hypothesis: Wearable technology can be more harmful than helpful because of the lack of knowledge regarding the data it stores.
Scene Plan: For the Introduction, we plan to start by explaining what wearable technology is. We plan to explain what is considered wearable technology. After explaining what wearable technology consists of, we plan on going into depth about how wearable technology works especially apple watches. Apple watches store the most data, so we plan on explaining in depth how it works and the data it stores. Next, we plan to explain how wearable technology can potentially be dangerous. The whole thing will be us talking about each part and going into depth!
There are many articles regarding the topic of wearable technology and why it could be potentially dangerous. We have already researched this topic and there are plenty of scholarly articles about the potential dangers of apple watches and other wearable technologies. We plan on discussing our video further via zoom and recording these videos in a manner that appears to be a documentary. We want this to be informative, but also interesting because so many people use wearable technologies on a day to day basis!

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