Do viruses grow in size or complexity?

How do scientists determine whether “something” is alive? In your thread, you will compare viruses to the 7 criteria scientists have set to determine if something is alive. For your reply, discuss with a classmate your findings and compare your answers.
1. Living “things” must maintain homeostasis
Are viruses made up of cells?
Are viruses able to monitor or create change in their internal environment?
2. Living “things” have different levels of organization
Do viruses have different levels of organization?
3. Living “things” reproduce
Do viruses replicate or reproduce?
4. Living “things” grow
Do viruses grow in size or complexity?
5. Living “things” use energy
Do viruses use energy?
6. Living “things” respond to stimuli
Do viruses respond to external stimuli?
7. Living “things” adapt to their environment
Do viruses adapt to their environment?
To prepare for this discussion, do research using 3 reference sources: Scriptural statements about life’s sanctity and God’s authority over creation of life, the Learn material for this Module: Week, and trusted, scholarly websites dealing with the issue that viruses are alive/dead.
Using at least 2 concise sentences, argue your answer for each criterion as to whether viruses are alive or not. Any sources cited must have been published within the last five years. Acceptable sources include peer-reviewed journals, the textbook, and the Bible.

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