Discuss the circumstances under which you might agree to barter with a client

Please thoroughly address the following questions in paragraph format and remember to cite any references used. Integration of course material is required for this discussion question. Remember to cite any references used including the textbook. 150-300 words max for the initial response.
1. What are your views about bartering with clients? Discuss the circumstances under which you might agree to barter with a client as well as those under which you would not agree. What guidelines would you need to establish? What are the ethical issues involved?
2. You are aware that a clinical supervisor has made it a practice to have sexual relationships with several of his supervisees. Some of these students are friends of yours, and they tell you that they felt pressure to comply because they were in a vulnerable position. What would you do?
3. Discuss the position that a thorough assessment and diagnosis is a necessary step in effective counseling practice. Also, discuss the ethics of using a diagnosis exclusively for the purpose of insurance reimbursement. What factors need to be taken into account when diagnosing and assessing clients?

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