And what were adoption services like at that time?

A Death in White Bear Lake is the case example I would ask you to learn about and assess the actions of the major persons and governmental organizations on the basis—or the lack thereof—of ethics, statesmanship, and governance.
Learn: Please search Dennis Jurgens, Lois Jurgens, Jerry Sherwood, and other names and organizations you identify as involved in this situation. listed below. You may want to read the book A Death in White Bear Lake or to watch the made-for-TV movie A Child Lost Forever.
Apply: Submit your discussion post with the following critical components.
Summarize the story. What happened in:
Share the context of the times and situations:
What was the situation in 1960 if someone was an unwed, 17 year old pregnant ward of the state (and, yes, I am using the terms of that time)?
And what were adoption services like at that time?
By 1985 what had changed re adoptions (and abortion) and the right of birth mothers to have the adoptive social services contact their birth child to see if she/he (after age 21) wanted to connect some way?
Assess the ethics, statesmanship, and/or governance of the following in 1960:
Jerry Sherwood
Ramsey County Adoptive Services
Lois Jurgens
Harold Jurgens
Ramsey County Child Protection
White Bear Lake Police, especially Jerome Zerwas
Ramsey County Coroner
Assess the ethics, statesmanship, and/or governance of the following in 1985:
Jerry Sherwood
Ramsey County Child Protection
Ramsey County Attorney
Ramsey County Coroner
Robert Jurgens
What are the practical lessons you learned about ethics, statesmanship, and public sector governance from this horribly tragic case example? That, unfortunately, is much more common than any of us want to believe.

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