add or remove anything to make it sound appealing to the reader.

This one is a personal issue about a barrier between me and my community which is common but isn’t being addressed by the community to maintain its complete originality. You can add or remove anything to make it sound appealing to the reader. feel free to use strong synonyms.
An issue that I still struggle to improve learning my community’s native language. As a child, my parents were barely around enough to really teach me their native language of Punjabi.
As a result, although more than half of the time can make out what a person would say, I can barely respond to them whether it is due to a lack of vocabulary or just pronunciation.
Part of that has to do with the lack of support to those who are just like me outside of my parents. Even if I could reply with a sentence, I would be looked down upon, or even laughed at rather than being corrected.
The problem I find with this community is that people just like me have no way to socialize with others in our community because the majority believe the best way to be connected is through knowing the native language.
Many find this as a point to look down upon as for instance, it might be seen as an advantage to one family that they were successfully able to pass down their language to their children, unlike another family. This is where one of the bigger problems begin to unfold, where comparisons are being brought upon families on whether or not their children were able to learn the language, if they weren’t, it would be a sign for them that they aren’t as much as apart of the community as the family that was able to pass down the language.
For one instance is going to church, I cannot understand what prayers are being said, or even participate in any events just because I cannot say anything or do many things that involve being social.
First-generation children for the community are no stranger to this problem, and despite this, the community just isn’t wanting to find change to support our generation.
Even though religion is one of the biggest in the world, I truly believe if no change is desired within Sikhism to support the new generation, it will become the downfall for the religion outside of those who had migrated.

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