why is studying bacteriophages important?

Background info:
Should be the biggest chunk of your intro – provides all relevant info needed for your audience to
understand what bacteriophages are and how they work.
This will be the next-biggest chunk of your intro – why is studying bacteriophages important? How are
bacteriophages relevant?
Here are some cool phage research topics and search terms for you to consider: nanomachines, food
safety, microbiome, obesity, fecal transfer, self-assemblage, root canal, aquaculture, coral reefs,
evolution, algal blooms, nanoscale friction, plant disease, water treatment, pathogen detection,
global warming, sensor creation, sustainable agriculture.
This will only be 1 sentence long and should explain what we are doing in this experiment and why. This
is the single most important sentence in your introduction.
Writing Guidelines:
Citations – at least 3 primary and/or secondary sources, both in-text parenthetical after your sentences
and full citations in a work cited section needed to avoid plagiarism and an automatic 0.
12-point font, double spaced, 1-2 pages (the entire research paper will be 4-7 pages)
Background Information
Primary and Secondary Articles
• Are peer reviewed by other scientists on a revisory board put together by the accredited journal.
• Primary articles usually include the following sections: Abstract, Intro, Methods, Results,
• Secondary articles are written based on a bunch of primary sources. They summarize info from
primary research to discuss a broader topic. Usually these articles are divided into topic
sections, but still have an abstract and discussion.

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