Who is this older man who just goes around saying I love you to people, perfect strangers?

In a four page essay (MLA style), discuss how one of the stories (“Orientation,” “A Tree, A Rock, A Cloud,” or “The Lady with the Dog”) reveals a profound purpose of literature.
“A Tree, a Rock, a Cloud” Textual Analysis
A Tree, A Rock, A Cloud:
Who is this older man who just goes around saying I love you to people, perfect strangers?
He was a heart-broken man, and he had to come to terms with how he was going to deal with the suffering in this world. He states that “I committed any sin” to deal with the suffering.
Science is his answer. What does this mean? The old man figures that the problem was that he learned to love too much, too crazily when he finally fell in love as a 51 year old man. He thinks that if we first learn to love a tree, a rock, a cloud, we have a much better chance of understanding and dealing with love when the big one hits us.
Leo, the cafe owner, tells him to Shut up! Leo is constantly critiquing the old man. Why?
At the end of the story, the old man says he is a master now and that his science of loving everything is a revolutionary idea that can solve the problems of the world.
What do you think? Is love the answer, or is it just another illusion that does nothing to solve our existential dilemma?

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