The China Model: can it replace the Western model of modernization?

Please read the following articles/material:
NOTE: The following article may be found by simply selecting the URL or by copying and pasting it into your browser. The links in this article point to articles that expand on the various systems. All are within the Economy Watch.
Economic Systems
By: EconomyWatch
Pryor, F. (2006). Economic systems of developing nations. Comparative Economic Studies, 48(1), 77-77.
Naughton, B. (2010). China’s Distinctive System: can it be a model for others?. Journal Of Contemporary China, 19(65), 437-460.
Zhao, S. (2010). The China Model: can it replace the Western model of modernization?. Journal Of Contemporary China, 19(65), 419-436.
Herrigel, G., & Zeitlin, J. (2010). Alternatives to Varieties of Capitalism. Business History Review, 84(4), 667-674.
***********NOTE: The following book may also be used as a reference, particularly chapters 1 and 2, but it is not required. ******************
Rosefielde, S. (2008). Comparative Economic Systems : Culture, Wealth, and Power in the 21st Century. Chichester, UK: Blackwell Publishers.
Chapters 1 and 2 Define Systems and Classifications
Assignment: Read the articles above. Write a 500 to 750 word paper in APA format conveying the salient points of this reading material. You should begin with the three types of economic systems and end with your conclusions regarding the topics covered in this reading. Emphasis should be placed on economic concepts.
Be sure to support your opinions with properly cited and referenced sources.

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