produce a typed essay that is at least two complete pages

Please produce a typed essay that is at least two complete pages, double spaced, while using 12-pt Times New Roman font and one inch margins.
Tips: It’s natural to not pay much attention to the specific products you buy. For example, one could be an avid jogger and use the same brand of shoes for years, Asics for example, and not be moved by the company’s image, promises, or other qualities seen in marketing. One might be a fan and consumer of Asics because, simply put, they make quality products. On the other hand, sometimes consumers shop with very specific purposes in mind that aim to express or tap into certain social values that also shape personal image and identity. A Mustang, of any vintage, has many connotations related to the ideas of youth, agility, speed, power, masculinity, and so on. Some other examples you might discuss in your essay: clothing, music, books, food, home decor, electronics, etc.

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