Is there a collaboration tool mentioned in the chapters that your company uses?

Please answer the question below- also separate the answers from each other. **Textbook** Reimagining Collaboration by Phil Simon. Sources- can be from 1 to 3 or what ever is needed- your choice.
QUESTION A: Chapters 5 and 6 of “Imagining Collaboration stresses the importance of collaboration technologies. It is stated that companies stuck in the old ways of using email and attachments to exchange information can’t compete with companies that are using technology like Slack. I work for a school district and we are limited to which software applications we can use. Our school uses Zoom and Google and I had not even heard of Slack before reading this. Slack is a team collaboration and project management tool. It stands for Searchable Log of All Communication and Knowledge. Users communicate with channels with special hashtags. Messages are forward facing and teams can track their communication until issues are resolved. Is there a collaboration tool mentioned in the chapters that your company uses? or is there technology mentioned that you could explain to others how it works and why it is beneficial?
When discussing collaboration tools in the workplace, many immediately think of Hubs such as Slack, Teams, or Zoom and the videoconferencing tools that they offer. However, there is an endless market of programs that allow co-workers to exchange information and work together effectively and collaboratively. Prior to Covid-19 I didn’t have the need for videoconferencing, but currently use Zoom for meetings at least once or twice per day. Reimagining Collaboration mentions that Zoom’s daily active users has increased from 10 million, prior to Covid-19, to over 300 million daily users presently. “While Covid-19 didn’t start the trend, it did accelerate an existing trend.” When determining functionality and productivity, are there tools that work better than others? Microsoft Office Suite has a line of multi-person tools that are designed to seamlessly integrate with others, such as Projects, Teams, and Bookings. Is there a collaboration tool that you have found to be invaluable over the past two years and is it widely used in your organization? With many co-workers taking on additional responsibilities, adding one more collaboration tool to their already overflowing plate may be more than can be tolerated. Which program can an organization not be without, and why?
Do you believe man is nothing without tools? I agree with that statement. I think figuratively and literally a tool is a something you use to accomplish a goal whether it be your mind, your hands, a screw driver, computers, or a team member. I think slack is a tool that moves the needle for those who could have complications working from home. This tool could be useful also to someone like myself. I sell solar panels for a living and the amount of money you are asking people to spend on this product a tool that could produce answers that you may just not be 100% about could make or break a deal. at my job we actually use a similar application and it is more than helpful when you’re in the belly of the beast trying to handle the objections of a homeowner who knows exactly which complicated questions to ask. Not saying my mind and a pen and paper isn’t useful but to have an app like this on my phone and work iPad makes all the difference in this technological age. With this tool I am able to contact all employees within the company as far as just use a search engine for frequently asked questions/answers and receive an answer back within seconds whether it be through the app, call, email or text because all information is available there. Without this tool I’d have to be way more of a cunning salesman and would probably have to spend way more time practicing handling objections.
I also agree that at this point in time emails are not the most effective way of communication. In terms of sharing files that messages and other apps may not support sure it’s useful, but otherwise they’re more of a pain for me once a thread of messy conversations have been started. As far as collaboration tools emails are useful because all members of an organization can be provided with emails strictly for this purpose but at the same time there are many apps now you can just dm within the same groups and collaborate through that.
I think we will always use different applications. Some apps just do certain jobs better than others and this is where we lean on their strengths and where they are not an effective tool some other app is. For my job we use one app that canvases areas by rooftop to see who is a prequalified candidate for solar by their visual. In the same breath we are using a whole other app that can canvas an area much more in depth and can be filtered by age of the home, age of home owner, credit score, phone number, how much they owe on their home and how much it is worth, etc. The two of these apps are very simple separate and I c

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