‘How can we improve workplace communication?’

For this assignment, you will first watch two videos on ‘The Art of Effective Communication’ by Marcus Alexander Velazquez and ‘How can we improve workplace communication?’
Select the Videos section and view the videos before continuing

After watching the videos, respond to the following questions. Your essay should be at least 2 pages, double spaced, with proper references and adhere to citing format per current APA guidelines. Use at least two (2) scholarly sources within text citations supporting your essay. Don’t forget to include a cover page, introduction, body, and conclusion for your essay.
Describe at least two points of learning you gained from the videos and explain your rationale for your selections. Identify how you would implement those skills into your current place of employment to increase your own communication process.
From your perspective, outline at least two (2) of your communication challenges and describe some strategies to help you overcome those challenges.
Ensure your essay follows current APA format.

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