comparison and contrast with the Electronic Frontier Alliance Principles.

Please write a paper of at least 1500 words in its body (very roughly about four pages of double-spaced material) covering:
A summary of the website and of the website’s policies. These policies must include those that you received links for, and may include other policies that you find relevant. If there is an effective date cited, or a last updated date, please include these. Many of the websites for this assignment have very recently updated policies, including as recently as this month. (Many of the recent changes to privacy policies are in response to California’s recent privacy law going into effect.)
Places where you see positive and negative aspects to these policies. These positive and negative aspects should include some mention of ethical principles; the ethical principles that you use are up to you. The ethical principles that you reference can be normatively formulated (for example, you could explicitly invoke some form of utilitarianism), or you could use applied principles from a particular code of ethics. (These are not mutually exclusive, and you are welcome to use both normative and applied formulations.)
A comparison and contrast with the Electronic Frontier Alliance Principles.
As part of your summary, you should note where you find any of the website’s policies violate some provision or provisions of any code of applied ethics that we have discussed in class.
I have attached a word file containing all of the detailed instructions below.

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