“By sending inferior goods, did Company X violate its purchase agreement with Company Y?”

Legal Situation paper: Make sure the case is on a legal, business-related matter. It may have some ethical issues in place, but do make sure it focuses on the legal issue or issues. Also, make sure that it is on a case that has not been decided by a court or settlement. Your conclusion will be focused on how you think it will be decided, after your analysis.
The paper should begin with one or two paragraphs describing the factual situation involved, then continue with a clear statement of the issue or issues the situation presents. Each paper should then provide a brief conclusion on how the situation should be decided. Finally, the most important part of the paper (at least half of the text) is the analysis/reasoning that supports the conclusion, which should use actual legal authorities presented in the Beatty book… this book touches on Torts (intentional Torts, Damages, Negligence, Strict liablity and product liability, Contracts; Legality, Consent, and Writing; Contract Termination and Remedies; Practical Contracts; UCC Sales and Secured Transactions.) The paper has to have something to this effect to deffend analysis.
Also importnat, define the issue in the form of a question has a format: This will help you state the issue as an issue, rather than as a conclusion. Example: “By sending inferior goods, did Company X violate its purchase agreement with Company Y?”
Limit the statement of facts to one or two paragraphs, but include all critical facts needed to understand the issue.
Come to a clear and concise conclusion on the issue. Example: “Because the goods that Company X shipped did not satisfy the terms of the purchase agreement, and were not acceptable substitute goods under UCC, Section 2-712, Company X violated the terms of its purchase agreement with Company Y.”
Exhibit clear and well-articulated analysis/reasoning that supports the stated conclusion by identifying and describing the relevant legal authorities and then applying them to the facts.
Site any refrences.
Points are allocated as follows: descriiption of the facts (up to 2 points), statement of the issue (up to 2 points), conclusion (up to 4 points), analysis/reasoning (up to 8 points), grammar, format and style (up to 4 points).

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