write a paper to analyze the novel.

.Do not take this essay unless you read the Great Gatsby in order to do this essay!!!!!
Im american and from Brooklyn so personal stuff can be related to this ?
title should be a unique title please!!
Essay 1: Reflection Essay on the American Dream due by M 2/28
After reading The Great Gatsby, reflect on your experience that touches on the theme of the American Dream in this creative nonfiction/personal essay.
1,200-1,500 words/ 4 ~5 double-spaced pages
20% of course grade
This project requires you to engage your reading of The Great Gatsby on a personal level. You may draw your inspirations from a theme, a metaphor, a scene, a quote or a character from the novel as leads for you reflection essay.
This assignment is not a textual analysis essay, so you don’t explicitly write a paper to analyze the novel. Instead, this essay should ultimately be an essay about you, your life experience, or your reflection on the theme of the American Dream.
You don’t directly write about the novel, but this essay should show your grip of the novel and the overall theme of the American Dream. This essay may, for example, address a metaphor from the novel that resonates with you, or touch on a specific experience or memory of yours that is parallel to that of the characters in the novel.
You can use materials (themes, metaphors, characters, quotes, etc.) from The Great Gatsby to support your essay, yet ultimately this essay is about you, your life experience, and your reflection on the American Dream.
This essay should have beginning, middle, and end; it should read like a complete essay.
This essay should have a unique title.
Don’t name it Essay 1, or Personal Reflection on the American Dream.
Remember, it’s impossible to cover your 18-years life in this assignment. You have to be selective and have a focus on what you want to write for this assignment.
This essay is to write about your memories, personal history, or life experience, with the specific lens you’ve found from your reading of The Great Gatsby.
Your essay should include the following components:
This experience as a key moment for you to understand the meaning of the American Dream
The essay should read like a complete essay. Remember to edit your essay before your submit.
A specific title
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