Who was the text’s intended audience?

You will read the attached primary source selections by Karl Marx.
You will evaluate the primary source by answering the following questions in two or three paragraphs:
1.Who was the text’s intended audience?
2.What was the author’s purpose in writing the text? Think about audience and genre.
3.What does this text tell you about the values and daily lives of the people living through the Industrial Revolution? Give specific examples.
4.In a concluding paragraph, you will explain what you expected to find in the writings of Karl Marx and whether this text met those expectations. Did your opinion about the Marx change after reading and analyzing this primary source? Did you find anything in the source that surprised you?
Karl Marx’s nineteenth-century philosophy still reverberates through modern political discourse. In this assignment you will analyze Marx’s writing in order to understand him within his historical context—a context which was different in many ways from our own. You will develop your analytical skills as well as your writing abilty in this assignment.
Your answers to these prompts should be thorough and contain pertinent examples. The primary source assignment should a minimum of 750 words. Please cite any secondary sources you’ve used with Turabian/Chicago style. Your assignment must be submitted in Microsoft Word file format (.doc or .docx). Make sure you format your document using one-inch margins and double-spaced, 12-point Times New Roman font. Include a Works Cited page if you are using resources for this assignment.

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