What is your retirement savings strategy?

Download Index Fund Worksheet
(Uploaded as pdf bellow )- Do some research and compare three different S&P 500 funds.
Retirement calculation (uploaded as pdf bellow)- Determine how much you are going to need at retirement. Go to this site
(Links to an external site.)
and estimate your needs at retirement. Turn in the report showing your findings.
Reflection (2 points)- In a word document answer the questions below in a brief reflection. You should have a minimum of 100 words per question and need to make sure you completely answer the questions.
What is your retirement savings strategy? How do you think this will evolve as you age?
There is no financial reason to pay higher fees for the same fund. Having said that, some individuals may due to loyalty to a financial advisor, a fund family or overall convenience. Could you foresee yourself paying higher fees for one of these reasons or others?

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