what is MLE meaning?

Students will complete the below rubric summary for each approved article, resulting in a 3-page biopsychosocial summary on their disease of interest. Final report summary will identify the independent and dependent variable, identify and interpretstatistics provide in the article, define related scientific terminology from the class and identified in the articles , and summarize the overall hypothesis and disease predictors and outcome from each selected article. I will provide feedback on summaries using the rubric, see belowI Have the 3 sources and the rubricBelow my professor gave me feedback about the articleBiological article approved.Focus on reporting specific data (eg. number of studies used,OR’s,cortisollevels reported) that supports the influence of metabolic syndrome and/or highercortisolfor people with depression.Psychological article is approved. Focus on defining “major life events” variable; what is MLE meaning? How was MLE measured? How areMLE’sassociated with depression? Describe the sample.Social article is approved. Focus on how variables social anxiety and depression were defined in the article. Be explicit. Describe the sample and interpret gender differences for 1) social anxiety and 2) depression. Interpret the r-statistic (Chp2 in text) and/or correlation between social anxiety and depression.

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