What is memory?

1/Based on your reading of the essay MEMORY AND TIME IN LITERATURE please explain in your own understanding how memory and time correlate in literature? To answer that you may want first to isolate the two terms and define them separately before you discuss their correlations in literature. What is memory? And what is time? Use specific examples and quotes from the essay to illustrate your points.
Write about 300 words.
2/ How would you explain the notion of epic poetry to someone who never heard about it? Where would you start?
-What is an epic poem?
-What makes it “epic”?
-Which are some of the main characteristics of an epic poem (explained in my posted document “Story of Writing”)?
-What is the background of epic poetry and when did it start approximately?
Write about 200 words. Do not use random web sources to answer this question. Consult the specific documents posted on BB for your consideration.

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