Make a plot comparing compressive strength to age

As introduced in the notebook “Dealing with data”, consider the CSV file “Concrete_Data.csv” containing the results of compressive tests for various types of concrete.
1. Load the CSV data into a pandas data frame. Print some high-level statistical info about the data frame’s columns.
2. How many rows have a compressive strength > 40 MPa?
3. Plot the histogram of Coarse Aggregate and Fine Aggregate values
4. Make a plot comparing compressive strength to age
5. Make a plot comparing compressive strength to age for only those rows with < 750 fine aggregate.
6. Try to build a linear model that predicts compressive strength given the other available fields.
7. Generate predictions for all the observations and a scatterplot comparing the predicted compressive strengths to the actual values.
For all the programming homeworks, you should submit two UNCOMPRESSED files:
1). A report as a Jupyter notebook organized by questions, with the proper explanation for every answer, and saved as an HTML or pdf file. It might be easier to generate an HTML file than a pdf file.
2). A Python code file as an independent file.
File Types pdf, html, and py

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