Identify a point in the reading (Part II of Crime and Punishment pages 94202)

Response Prompt:     Identify a point in the reading (Part II of Crime and Punishment pages 94202). at which you found an observation that might be missed by the careless reader, and it can help you see the (character, theme, plot, or narrative strategyetc.) differently. Elaborate (in 250350 words) by referencing other parts of the reading and possibly also other parts of the work you read earlier. Focus on details in the form of quotation and paraphrase to make your point and to demonstrate your familiarity with the text. you can use outside sources but (DO NOT PLAGIARIZE). Your response must have a title, and it must indicate the part of the reading you are responding to: For example, The Stain on Chapter 10 of The Double Type paper using 1 margins, double-spacing, and 12point Times New Roman Font.  Please edit carefully
(I have also attached an example)

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