How does Hitchcock encourage this identification?

You have to watch Pyscho and then answer the following questions with just a few sentences.
1.) The early parts of Psycho encourage the audience to identify with Marion (Janet Leigh). With whom do we identify in the rest of the film? How does Hitchcock encourage this identification?  Does the music support this?
2.) Psycho works in part by fooling the audience a good deal of the time (how so?), and some of the best moments in the film are complete surprises (where?). Does Hitchcock cheat too much in order to fool his audience? Hitchcock often claims that suspense is more effective than surprise. Does he violate that concept here? Also, many people think that Bernard Herrmanns music contributes mightily to this films effect. In what ways is the music particularly effective?
3.) Some viewers have disliked the last part of Psycho, where the psychiatrist explains what really happened. What is your reaction to this scene? Why do you think Hitchcock included it? Does it serve to explain the films meaning? What does it leave out of consideration?
Film can be found here:

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