Describe how antivirals agents act against infection.

Think about it question 13.12
1. Describe the conditions predisposing to chronic bronchitis and relate them to the pathologic changes occurring in the lungs.
2. Describe the factors contributing to recurrent infections in the lungs and relate them to your professional practice.
3. Explain why bronchiectasis tends to be progressive.
4.Prepare a chart comparing emphysema, cystic fibrosis, and bronchiectasis with regard to pathologic changes in the lungs, the significant signs that can be observed in a patient, and potential complications.
5. Compare the signs of the common cold, sinusitis, influenza, and epiglottitis.
6. Explain why secondary bacterial infections may commonly follow viral infections in the respiratory tract of elderly clients.
7. Explain why frequent hand washing may reduce the transmission of influenza.
8. Explain why antibacterial drugs are not effective against viral infections.
9. Describe how antivirals agents act against infection.

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