Write a statement proposing a topic for your Research Paper

Learning Goal: I’m working on a english discussion question and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.Assignment 2: Topic Proposal is not an essay. It is a 250w narrative about your chosen topic and how you will approach it,. including what sources you think you will use and an idea of your thesis.Any topic about which you can find peer-reviewed research is appropriate.As you choose a topic, remember it is perfectly ok to read a few Wikipedia articles to background yourself, to get some names and concepts written down, and maybe even find a few peer-reviewed sources in the footnotes. Just as a beginning.As a PBSC student, you have access to the FAU Libraray. FAU is a research university and had good library resources. You’l be able to find scholarly books available online, as well as plenty of peer-reviewed journal articles. Write a statement proposing a topic for your Research Paper, which is the major assignment that all assignments from this one forward are leading toward. Indicate your potential sources and how you plan to develop your argument. 250w.
Requirements: A high quality explanation and answer with in your time limit.   |   .doc file

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