Write a 750–1000-word essay about your understanding of the concepts from the textbook

the text book: https://assets.openstax.org/oscms-prodcms/media/documents/IntroductiontoSociology3e-WEB_2iOebZN.pdf
Write a 750–1000-word essay about your understanding of the concepts from the textbook, through the lens of the media links you watched and in context of your life (You’re your conventional wisdom/common sense and try to become a social analyst by shifting your paradigm). Tell the readers what you watched, listened to, and read and how these impacted your understanding of the “taken for granted world.” Write how these links helped you understand chapters concepts and in what ways. It is especially interesting if you can tell us about the preconceived notions you had about some topics and how the information in the media helped change, reinforce, and/or modify that conventional wisdom. This process may be challenging at first, but I promise, it will get easier with each board. These are not summaries of what you READ and WATCHED. They are learning documents showing what you learned, how you are making connections (micro/macro) and how you are developing your sociological imagination and/or your sociological perspective. There are integration requirements for each essay.
Integration Requirement 1: FOUR concepts from each chapter in the relative module.
Integration means you needs to spread terms throughout the essay – do not bunch them all up in one paragraph. Highlight ONLY the first important time you reference a textbook word, concept, date, or person to help me assess your ability to integrate the new terminology. Do not highlight a whole sentence or paragraph, just the term. Use a different color for EACH CHAPTER and provide a KEY to help me grade.
Integration Requirement 2: THREE Media links from that module.
Use a signal phrase to introduce the media links when you use them the first time. You will use the same color for all the media (as if they are their own chapter).
Integration Requirement 3: TWO Insights derived from your life.
This is where and how you use your sociological imagination, showing the micro macro connections your coursework is revealing. Bold/Italics these tidbits. Consider your life thus far and how the textbook concepts and the media links can shed light on or lift the veil from aspects of your life. In other words, write about your developing sociological perspective and show us how you are developing your sociological imagination.
Example: “As I learned about Marx’s concept of the false consciousness, I was struck by the way I’ve noticed this happening at work. For instance, my colleagues and I are the proletariat, and we are often in competition with each other and do not look at our bosses for an understanding of why we cannot get a raise. This especially occurred to me after watching the School of Life video because I thought about how if I studied my coworkers, immersing myself in that world by conducting an ethnography, I might notice how they……)”
Yellow = Chapter 1, Pink = Chapter 2, Red = Media Link Personal Insights = Bold/Italics

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