Write a 1 paragraph response to the following discussion post

Write a 1 paragraph response to the following discussion post:
In Poe’s story “The Cask of Amontillado” revenge is the motivation for Montresor saying “At length I would be avenged” (Poe 696). After tricking Fortunato into the winecellar dungeon combination the characters intentions are revealed in the latin of the Montresor family motto. The latin motto is translated as, no one insults me with impunity. Montresor mentions early on that Fortunato and been more then rude on a number of different occasions, but that last insult would not go unpunished. Knowing this and yet being too intoxicated or merely thinking Montresor so weak as to not pick up on the threat, Fortunato continues the terminal journey. When Fortunato hears the family motto his only response is “Good!” (Poe 699). Indicating the previous sentiment of underestimation of Montresor, a grave error.

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