Who are the customers within the municipal recycling supply chain?

Question 1
Defining Quality in the recycling industry:
Who are the customers within the municipal recycling supply chain?
What are the key objectives of the municipal recycling process and how could they be measured?
Question 2
Defining Quality in the recycling industry:
Please read the attached article, A Note on Quality, and use the ISO article and ASQ link (https://asq.org/quality-resources/dmaic) to familiarize yourself with quality management principles and the Six Sigma process, and use this knowledge in answering the following question:
Determine where you believe that Perry should focus his efforts – the suppliers, the process, or the customers.
Explain why you are making your recommendation.
A Note on Quality https://brightspace.nyu.edu/content/enforced/168846-SP22_MG-GY_6303_1_C/A%20Note%20on%20Quality-%20The%20Views%20of%20Deming,%20Juran,%20and%20Crosby.pdf?_&d2lSessionVal=Yrp3MMQMPFo2VRXiJc1SmwJeR
Question 3
Analysis of Data:
Is the MRF generally profitable? How might this vary by each municipality?
How should Perry use the available analysis (inbound material composition, the value per ton of the materials, etc.) to improve quality?

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