Which topics or questions do you think are the most controversial and problematic?

Your feedback should be a minimum of 100 words in length for each classmate. Make clear in your reply that you are giving feedback on blog post 1, as replies providing feedback for future blog posts will be done in the same place.
Your feedback should focus on helping your classmates forward with their topics. You could choose one option the author has provided and then recommend it based on some of the below criteria. Or you could provide a little feedback on each option the author has provided. Or anything in between. Here are some questions that may help guide your feedback:
Which option do you find most interesting and why?
Which topics or questions do you think are the most controversial and problematic?
Which topics or questions do you think are the most significant for the community?
Does the topic or question focus on joins or starting a conversation (via web article)?
Which topics or questions seem most manageable for a class research project in terms of scope and resources?
How interesting and original do you find the topics or questions? Why?
How can the author make the topics or questions more complex?
Should the author narrow or expand the scope of one or more of these? How?
Does the focus of the topics or questions need to be “tweaked”? How?
The classmate blog is:
A community is a commonality among a group of people.
I am a part of many communities including being a part of the military, a marine biology major, a female in STEM, and the college student community; and the list goes on and on.
The two communities that I belong to that stand out the most are the military and the marine biology major.
Being a part of the military is a very particular lifestyle. You start by talking to a recruiter, finding out what job suits you, and going to basic training. From basic training you are disciplined and taught to act, speak, and behave in very particular ways. From here, you are sent to your first duty station – another very intimidating thing. Then, your life is filled with years and years of work in the discipline you were put in with possible deployments and TDY’s (temporary duty stations). All very difficult things to deal with. Years and years of this becomes a lifestyle. Standing outside saluting if in uniform while the national anthem plays at 5 PM and again at 9 PM and again at 7 AM the next morning. Again, it is a very particular lifestyle. So, when someone leaves the military, how do they adjust to a life outside the military? In other words, how do veterans struggle to adjust to civilian life after leaving the military?
Well, the first and biggest thing is knowing where to start. Where do you live? What job do you do? How do you set goals for yourself? This can be very difficult for someone who spent most of their life in a position of being told where to go and what to do. Some veterans can struggle with direction.
Marine Biology is a highly underfunded and very important aspect of today’s world. With climate change and pollution as two of the world’s largest issues, marine biology is directly correlated. So, how does climate change affect coral reefs, and why are coral reefs so important?
Climate change is essentially a change in climate patterns that causes increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere; produced by the use of fossil fuels. These changes in the atmosphere can prove fatal to ecosystems across the world (Anthony, 2020). All ecosystems are dependent upon the coral reef species and some places like Jamaica, are mourning the death of 95% of their coral reefs (Neufville, 1998). Without these coral reefs, ecosystems across the globe will suffer from the changes that will take place in aquatic ecosystems (Wepener, 2020). According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, “Fishes and other organisms shelter, find food, reproduce, and rear their young in corals” and “…restoring corals can change the trajectory of an entire ecosystem” (2019). These are some of the few issues that coral reefs are facing making it apparent for these coral reefs to be protected.

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