“Whether to Fire Employees?”

The purpose of this writing assignment is for you to strengthen your skills in the management function of organizing to better manage human talent. Building human capital is an essential process that drives performance to achieve organizational goals.
Reference the section called “Whether to Fire Employees?” on p. 440 of the Daft textbook. This case sets the stage of pending organizational change and the dilemma to effectively deal with change, innovation, and managing people by implementing strategies to meet organizational goals while properly developing human capital.
Assume the role of Human Resource Manager and design strategies that will create an organizational culture that addresses the forces of change. Draw upon key concepts in Chapters 11 and 12 to build a strategic plan to drive future organizational performance. Then, assess how the function of organizing assists managers in forming tasks and allocating human resources effectively.
INTRODUCTION: What is the objective or purpose in studying and analyzing a real-world organizational situation and applying learning lessons in this paper?
PROBLEM: Based on your reading of the situation of “Whether to Fire Employees?,” identify and evaluate the current problem that this organization faces. PLEASE INCLUDE PEER REVIEW ARTICLE 1 REFERENCE.
ANALYSIS: Assess the essential conceptual insights gained that allowed you, in the role of a Human Resource Manager, to design strategies that would create an organizational culture to properly address the forces of change. Develop and apply a strategic plan to drive future organizational performance. Put yourself in the Human resource Manager position, what would you do to fix the problem. PLEASE INCLUDE PEER REVIEW ARTICLE 2 REFERENCE.
INTEGRATION: As a Human Resource Manager, describe how the management function of organizing would allow you to form an organizational culture to create best practices in forming tasks and allocating resources to achieve strategic goals. THE FUNCTION OF ORGANIZING ATTACHMENT
CONCLUSION: Describe key learning lessons that you will take from this assignment that will advance your management planning skills. WHEN YOU CITE THROUGHOUT THE PAPER, PLEASE INCLUDE PAGE NUMBER. Everything you need to complete this paper is included as an attachment. PLEASE UTILIZE THE PAPER TEMPLATE I’VE ALREADY ATTACHED TO THIS ORDER.

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